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iZONE Baseball
Vision Training Aid

Expand your vision so you can pick up the pitcher’s release point, detect velocity and see spin sooner.
See It Better. Hit It Better!
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See It Better. Hit It Better!

The iZONE baseball hitting training aid, with its expanded nosepiece, will help you train your body to maintain proper head and eye position relative to the pitcher. iZONE trains you to bring your back eye into play, helping to expand your vision so you can pick up the pitcher’s release point, detect velocity and see spin sooner.


Both eyes not on the pitcher’s release point.


iZONE has brought both eyes on the pitcher’s release point.

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iZONE Improves Your Game by:

Enhancing your hitting routine; it’s a great reminder to make sure you are always using both eyes in your stance to track the ball.
Giving you confidence by knowing you’ve trained your stance to incorporate your eyes.
Building your batting stance around your vision, enabling you to track the ball better!
Allowing you to check if both eyes are in-line with the pitcher’s release point.


Broaden Your Vision

StanceCheck’s patented iZONE will bring your back eye (generally your dominant eye) into play, allowing you to pick up the pitcher’s release point, detect velocity, and see spin sooner. This will enable you to instantly track the ball better during your at-bat.

Easy To Use

iZONE's precise design gives instant feedback and results, immediately letting you know when both eyes are on the pitcher’s release point.

For All Skill Levels and Ages

iZONE benefits any type of hitter, from beginners developing the proper stance, to professionals looking to enhance their current stance.

Great For Coaches

Hitting Instructors express how effective it is to incorporate iZONE into a hitting routine. iZONE instantly allows coaches to show the proper head position for hitting.

Establish The Right Mindset

As soon as you look at your iZONE, you will be immediately reminded of the importance of using your full vision while hitting.

What The Pros Say

“This product is the first of its kind to correctly make any hitter keep both eyes focused on a baseball/softball while it’s in flight. I personally use this product with players, explaining very little, just that they make sure both eyes had a clear path to see the ball. The results were amazing and easily identifiable to me but more importantly, the hitter! Each player commented that they "picked up the ball sooner", "identified the type of pitch", and "clearly recognized good pitches from bad.”

Bill Springman

“The iZone by StanceCheck is the flat-out best hitting aid I’ve seen-for amateurs and professionals-to have your head in the right position to hit the ball with success. I’ve made a living either hitting or teaching others to hit. My philosophy has always been ‘keep it simple’. I have no doubt that iZONE will help you hit.”

Don Baylor

“The StanceCheck iZONE allows me as an instructor to have a training tool that my athletes are excited to use and enjoy using because of the immediate results. iZONE is great to incorporate into lessons or camps because you can take full swings while wearing it, and you can use it with your entire team or hitting group.”

Geno Glynn

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