StanceCheck, creators of the iZONE Vision Training Aid!

The StanceCheck iZone Story

The iZone by StanceCheck was created by professional baseball coaches Gene Glynn and Don Baylor. Gene and Don observed that many hitters did not involve their “dominant eye” (generally, the eye farther from the pitcher) when in their batting stance, resulting in a less than optimal view of the pitcher and his release of the ball. Gene and Don concluded that is why many hitters complain that they are not “seeing the ball” when they are not making solid contact with a pitched ball. They reasoned that if the hitter could be taught to keep their dominant eye fixed on the pitcher and his release point, the hitter would “see the ball” better. With the assistance of Gene’s son Geno, a former Minor League Baseball player, the iZone was developed. The iZone trains the hitter to bring their back eye into play, thus helping to expand their vision. This puts hitters in a better position to pick up the pitcher’s release point, detect velocity, and see spin sooner. The iZone has been successfully tested with several hundred professional and amateur baseball players.

The creative team immediately recognized the iZone’s potential to help recreational golfers as well. Excessive eye movement is the number one reason players either make poor ball contact, resulting in minimized spin and uncontrolled flight, or “top” the ball, resulting in even more errant shots. Utilizing the experience of and guidance from Master Instructor and Professional Golfer Bobby Luzzi, an iZone for golfers was developed. The iZone will stop excessive eye movement in the golf swing, and help the golfer keep both eyes focused on the ball through impact. The result will be improved ball striking, leading to better ball flight and distance control. The iZone has been successfully tested with several hundred golfers, both recreational and professional.

With its precise design, the iZone gives you instant feedback. It’s easy to use, benefits all skill levels, and it works.