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Stop Hitting Fat and Topped Shots Right Now!
Fix the #1 Swing Flaw in Golf – Too Much Eye Movement During The Swing.
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Stop Hitting Fat and Topped Shots Right Now!

Fix the #1 swing flaw in golf – too much eye movement during the swing.
Moving your eyes in the backstroke causes you to hit behind the ball, causing “fat” shots. And looking up too soon causes “topped” shots.



Break these bad habits by using 
the patented iZONE golf vision training aid.

iZONE Trains Your Body To Limit Eye Movement, Resulting In Improved Ball Contact, Improved Consistency, And Lower Scores!




iZONE will enable you to maintain eye focus with the ball throughout your entire golf swing, from the back stroke through to the finish, creating flush impact.

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Fix the #1 Swing Flaw in Golf Now.
Stop Hitting Fat and Topped Shots!

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Improve Your Game with the iZONE Golf Vision Training Aid

Broaden Your Vision

Our patented iZONE vision training aid, with its expanded nose-piece and interchangeable iShiel lens, will bring your dominant eye into a better position to view the ball. This will enable you to instantly make better contact.

For All Ages

Our iZONE vision training aid works for all age levels, from the youth golfer to the senior golfer. iZONE is extremely effective for today’s youth who tend to move excessively, and the senior player looking for more distance. And, iZONE comes in an assortment of colors sure to suit your style.

Simplify and Improve Your Teaching

Instructors have seen first-hand how effective working with the iZONE vision training aid can be. Results are realized quickly by stopping the hardest of all habits to break – looking up and coming out of the shot. This allows the instructor to more effectively move on to fixing other swing flaws.

Easy to Use

You don’t need to use complex electronics or bulky equipment. It’s just you, the iZONE vision training aid and the golf ball.

For All Skill Levels

All golfers struggle with the hard to break habit of too much eye movement during their swing. Recreational golfers tell us they are dropping strokes and hitting more quality golf shots immediately after training with the iZONE vision training aid which is designed to help all level of players.

Establish the Right Mindset

As soon as you look at or put on the iZONE vision training aid, you are immediately reminded of the importance of establishing and maintaining proper eye contact with the ball through your entire swing. This enables you to carry this important thought throughout your entire practice and the entire round when you play.

What Our Customers Say

“I have always moved my head slightly while swinging. But with the iZONE I can now see how much my head movement can affect impact. I LOVE it!!”

Brianna McGilvray
Golf Professional, Age 25, Virginia State Amateur Champion; Kingsmill Championship Contestant

“With the iZone I become so aware of where I want to make impact. I am VERY impressed with this product.”

Archie W.
Retired Air Force Officer, Age 61, 7 Handicap

“I never realized I moved my head so much until I put on the iZone. Now I am able to keep my eyes focused on the ball through impact more consistently”

Kyle E.
Professional Softball Player, Age 24, 14 Handicap

Expand your vision with iZONE today!

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