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iZone Baseball

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iZone by StanceCheck is a unique and innovative baseball vision training aid that is changing the way people view and approach hitting. We at StanceCheck believe that seeing the ball clearly is a major factor in being a successful hitter. iZone is a revolutionary product that is simple to use and benefits any type of hitter, from beginners developing the proper stance, to professionals looking to optimize their visual capabilities.

The iZone, with its expanded nose-piece, will help you train your body to maintain proper head and eye position relative to the pitcher, and lets you know when both eyes are fixed on the target – the pitcher and his release point. This will allow you to detect velocity and see spin sooner.

The first time hitters use iZone they will realize that in their current stance, often both of their eyes are not being used to track the ball.  Most hitters often use a stance that has their heads turned where their not using the back eye, and are unable to pick up the pitcher’s release point. The iZone’s precise design gives instant feedback and trains you to get your head and both eyes in the best position to see the ball and detect spin and velocity. Train with iZone by StanceCheck and experience the feeling of truly seeing the ball.


“Most Effective Hitting Tool for any Age I've Ever Seen!" - Don Baylor (Former Major League Baseball Player, Manager and Coach)



  • Put on the iZone like you would eyeglasses, and rest the nose-piece firmly on the top of the bridge of your nose.
  • Get in your batting stance.
  • While in your batting stance, close your lead eye (eye closest to pitcher).
  • Adjust your head so you can see the pitchers release point with your back eye.
  • When the pitchers release point is visible with just your back eye open, then open your lead eye.
  • The pitcher should now be visible with both eyes.
  • Your Stance is now in Check!

NOTEThe iZone Baseball training device is not intended for use during game situations.  It is intended for training purposes only.


The iZone is proudly made in the USA.


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  • Anticipated Delivery Date of iZone: March 1, 2018.