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Jorge Polanco, MN TWINS

Baseball / Softball

Professional Baseball Reviews

"The StanceCheck iZONE is the flat-out best hiting tool I have seen for amateurs and professionals to make sure your head and eyes are in the right position to hit the ball with success!"

- don baylor - 1979 American League MVP, 45 Years in Professional Baseball

"The StanceCheck iZONE trains hitters to get their eyes in the right position to better see the release point, detect velocity and see spin sooner. Whether training alone, or with a parent or a coach, the iZONE is easy-to-use and it works."

- Gene Glynn / 17 Year MLB Coach

"The StanceCheck iZONE allows me as an instructor to spend more time on other aspects of hitting once I know the hitters eyes are in the best position for hitting!"

- geno glynn - Former Pro Player, College Coach

"In order to be a good hitter, you have to find a way of improving how you see the ball, and that’s exactly what the StanceCheck iZONE does, help you see better when hitting!"

- Don Baylor - 1979 American League MVP, 45 Years in Professional Baseball

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Golf Training with the iZONE™

To Hit It, You Must See It. iZONE will eliminate the number 1 swing flaw and hardest habit to break in golf – excessive eye movement in your golf swing. iZONE WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU PLAY THE GAME FOREVER.

Baseball / Softball Training with the iZONE™

Training with the iZONE Training aid, baseball and softball players will build a stance around the most important part of hitting, seeing the ball!  iZONE puts hitters in a better position to pick up the pitcher’s release point, detect velocity, and see spin sooner.

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