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Sports Vision Training

Improve Your Vision. Improve Your Game.
StanceCheck’s iZone is a revolutionary, patented baseball, softball and golf vision training aid.

Created by professional baseball coaches, iZONE Baseball will expand your vision so you can pick up the pitcher’s release point, detect velocity and see spin sooner.
See It Better. Hit it better!

iZONE Golf will eliminate the #1 swing flaw and hardest habit to break in golf – excessive eye movement in your golf swing.

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iZONE™ Golf

The iZONE, with its expanded nose-piece and modular lens (the “iShield”), will help you train your body to limit eye and head movement and keep both eyes continually fixed on the golf ball throughout the entire golf swing—from the back stroke through impact. 

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iZONE™ Baseball

Hitters often use a stance that has their head turned in a way which prevents them from using their back eye to track the ball. iZONE with it's precise design gives instant feedback and trains you to get your head and both eyes in the best position to see the ball while hitting. A great training tool for hitters of all ages and skill levels. 

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iZONE™ Golf Training

To Hit It, You Must See It. iZONE will eliminate the number 1 swing flaw and hardest habit to break in golf – excessive eye movement in your golf swing. iZONE WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU PLAY THE GAME FOREVER.

iZONE™ Baseball Training

iZONE baseball hitting glasses force the hitter to bring their back eye into play, helping to expand their vision. This puts hitters in a better position to pick up the pitcher’s release point, detect velocity, and see spin sooner.

The StanceCheck Story



“I never realized I moved my head so much until I put on the iZone. Now I am able to keep my eyes focused on the ball through impact more consistently.”

Kyle E., Professional Softball Player. Age 24. 14 Handicap

“The iZone makes me be more focused on the ball, and for the first time I can actually watch the ball until impact.” 

Jeremy K., Chef. Age 28. 12 Handicap

“I have always moved my head slightly while swinging. But with the iZone I can now see how much my head movement can affect impact. I LOVE it!!”

Brianna McGilvray, Golf Professional. Age 25. Virginia State Amateur Champion; Kingsmill Championship Contestant