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StanceCheck iZONE Training Aid Testimonials


“The iZONE is flat-out the best hitting aid I’ve seen, for amateurs and professionals, to help them get their head in the right position in order to hit the ball with success. In order to be a good hitter, you have to find a way of improving how you see the ball, and that’s exactly what the iZONE does - make the ball more ‘visible’. This simple tool, light and extremely portable, is right on the money."

- Don Baylor   
Former MLB Player, Manager and Hitting Coach


"The iZONE is the first product to correctly make any hitter keep both eyes focused on a ball while in flight. I have used it in our regular hitting routine and the players have benefited greatly. I have not seen a product in all of my years coaching that has produced this type of positive results with hitters so quickly and confidently."

- Bill Springman   

Former MLB Hitting Coach & Current Minor League Hitting Coach


"The iZONE reminds hitters to get their eyes in the right position to better see the release point, detect velocity and see spin sooner. After all, you must see the ball to hit it. Whether training alone, or with a parent or a coach, the iZONE is easy-to-use and it works."
-Gene Glynn
MLB Coach for 17 years and StanceCheck Founder 

StanceCheck iZONE Golf Training Aid


“The iZONE makes me be more focused on the ball, and for the first time I can actually watch the ball until impact."
- Jeremy K.
  Chef, Age 28, 12 Handicap

"I never realized I moved my head so much until I put on the iZONE. Now I am able to keep my eyes focused on the ball through impact more consistently."
- Kyle E. 
Professional Softball Player, Age 24, 14 Handicap


"With the iZONE I become so aware of where I want to make impact. I am VERY impressed with this product."
-Archie W.
Retired Air Force Officer, Age 61, 7 Handicap 

"I have always moved my head slightly while swinging. But with the iZONE I can now see how much my head movement can affect impact. I LOVE it!!"
- Brianna McGilvray  
Golf Professional, Age 25, Virginia State Amateur Champion; Kingsmill Championship Contestant