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StanceCheck Featured on WCCO (Minneapolis)

StanceCheck was recently featured on WCCO (Minneapolis). Check it out below.

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Quoted from WCCO (Full article linked above):

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The goal is simple: Crush the baseball. The task is very difficult, and every edge matters.

How is this for the latest? Glasses without lenses–designed in part by Twins third base coach Gene Glynn. It’s called Stance Check. It forces you to use both eyes when you hit, and using both eyes changes everything.

“Now I can really work on my swing, my stance, my approach, whatever you want to talk about, but I know I’m going to be seeing the ball,” Glynn said.

The idea is to make it a practice tool any coach can use because the players will learn to adjust and focus.

“The fun we have with this is helping kids feel better,” Glynn said. “But it really was geared to help young coaches and parents that volunteer their time.”

It makes one wonder: Were they invented too late?

Even a retired player feels more confident at the plate, and that’s the idea.

“It’s all about seeing first, and all of us that are out doing anything, if we’re not seeing it, we’re not gonna be able to be very good,” Glynn said.

Because kids will not keep playing baseball if they do not feel good playing baseball. There are simply too many other sporting options for them.

And as much as this is about science, it is really about feeling good.