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Welcome to StanceCheck

StanceCheck is a unique and innovative tool changing the way people view and approach hitting.  We at StanceCheck believe SEEING the ball is a major success factor to being a good hitter.  StanceCheck is a simple and revolutionary product which benefits any type of hitter, from beginners developing the proper stance, to professionals looking to enhance their current stance.

StanceCheck immediately helps hitters realize, in their current stance, that both eyes are not being used to track the ball.  Many times this is due to blocking the vision of their back eye, which compromises the ability to pick up the pitcher’s release point.   With its precise design, StanceCheck is made to give instant feedback and results by putting both eyes in the most beneficial position for hitting.  StanceCheck's innovative design helps each batter create a stance focused on the most important part of hitting - Seeing the Ball!

We at StanceCheck are excited for all hitters to experience the true feeling of seeing the ball with both eyes, and the benefits that come with it.  We encourage you to try StanceCheck and SEE for yourself.
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